707 Dalton 25

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707 Dalton 25

Storage Water Heater

707 Dalton 25 Storage Heater

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Dalton is designed to be the faithful and enduring friend, providing soothing warm showers and the comfort that you need. Beneath the modest exterior is a strong and dependable heating unit, coupled with the manifold protective system, the Dalton is undeniably the trusted choice for your family.
* Blue Diamond Enamel Coating
Enjoy years of enjoyable shower experience as the Dalton comes with a Blue Diamond Enamel coated inner tank
* Glasslined Heating Element
Highly durable as the Dalton comes with a Glass Lined heating element
* IPX4 Splash Proof
Peace of mind as the Dalton has achieved IPX4 splash proofing standards
* Thermal Insulation
Savings on electricity as the Dalton is equipped with thermal insulation
* Whirlflow 2 Technology
Energy savings as Dalton is equipped with Whirlflow2 Technology which allow for higher heat efficiency
* 10 Year Warranty on Tank from a local customer service centre
* 2 Year Warranty on Service from a local customer service centre
* 2 Year Warranty on Part from a local customer service centre

Model No : Dalton 25
Capacity : 25L
Rated Voltage : 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power : 2kW
Rated Pressure : 0.8MPa
Rated Max. Temperature: 75˚C
Heating Efficiency : 90%
Waterproof Rating : IPX4
Weight : 9.6kg
Dimensions LxHxD : 439 x 439 x 381mm